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New Beginnings

ALA was awesome. I should have done a post or 12 about it. I learned a lot, met a lot of people, realized there is SO MUCH for librarians out there and we are doing some really amazing work out there in the world.

In selfish news: I have a job.

I’m a Children’s Librarian! MY DREAM JOB.

It’s an exciting time – but I had to, got to?, move. I’m now a Clevelander.


I’m exactly 3 hours from where I was living in Metro Detroit.

2.5 hours from Ann Arbor.

4 hours from Kalamazoo.

4 hours from Oxford, OH.

and I couldn’t be more excited.

cleveland 3

I’ve been exploring the Cleveland Metroparks during my first week living in Ohio for the second time. It’s gorgeous here. As someone who has moved around for college and work opportunities, I know that it takes time to really acclimate to a place and I know this may not be my “forever” home. But being here, in the Cleveland area, feels like home. I know I could be happy living the rest of my life here and for that I’m grateful that I not only have the job I could be in for good, but a place I could live in for good.


Updates as I can and life as a first – year newbie librarian.  Also, I have no Internet at the moment (issues I won’t get into) so posting is sporadic as usual.

Work starts Monday. Cheers!



I said “ya’ll” at the end of that last post. Who am I? Where did that come from? I blame my coworkers at AADL.

Also that was not so much a “this is what I packed” list as it was a “this is what I did instead of packing” list. I can always sleep on the train, right?

So… … … …

Woah. I haven’t blogged in over 2 months. No real reason why but let me explain.

I graduated from graduate school. I am now and alum of the University of Michigan and it feels great.

I’m job hunting.

I’m living with my aunt and uncle. Let me explain. My landlord was able to find people to take over my lease for the summer. Let’s chat numbers. My apartment was ~560 sq. ft. and I payed $950 per month. She rented it for $1100 per month. Because I’m not living there I will save $3800. When you consider hiring movers and storage for my stuff, total I will at least be saving $3000 (hopefully more).

I’m job hunting.

I’ve been seeing my friends IN PERSON and having lots of margaritas on porches because spring has finally arrive in Michigan.

I’ve been watching hockey playoffs (GO WINGS).

I’m job hunting.

But I have been reading. So I have a goal to get back into this whole blogging / reviewing thing. Mostly for practice because I still can’t shake the feeling that most book reviews are the same as reading a book jacket synopsis from the publisher (mine are no different).

Did I mention I’m job hunting?

Since I’m always interested in what people have been reading, here’s the list of what I’ve been up to since my last post (just because there were no blogs doesn’t mean there was no reading!):

So it totally depends on what type of book you are looking to read but of the above, Between Shades of Gray and Code Name Verity are musts.

Also if you have a NetGalley account (yay for ARC’s!) Elizabeth Wein’s next book Rose Under Fire is available for request. I was just approved and after I finish the book I’m on, I’ll be reading that next.

Well this is long enough – time to move on to other parts of my day. Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day weekend with lots of barbeques, friends and family, drinks, beaches and reading! Cheers!

(Did I mention I’m job hunting?)