Welcome!  This blog started as a class assignment (blog posts January – April 2012) reflecting on class readings/texts and assignments.  Although I learned a lot about professional practice in libraries and information centers (incidentally also the name of that course), they had to have been some of the most boring writing to read – especially for those who haven’t read the text.

The last thing the world needs is another “I’m a mess but if I write a blog, I’ll be accountable to something else therefore I will stick to the changes I’m making” blog but truthfully, this little piece of the Internet is my experiment with myself.

I am a mess.  I have many things in my life that need work.  A lot of work.  The kind of work that you dread and get excited about at the same time but then realize how far away your goals are and start dreading again.  The kind of work that is easy to procrastinate and ignore until you get a very clear message.  Or see a very clear photograph of yourself.  This is my way of attempting to truly live during my next year of grad school instead of simply existing in this place.

And if you made it this far you should also know:

  • I write with 2 spaces after the end of a sentence.
  • I do not use the Oxford Comma.  I blame Knight Life.
  • Northwest Michigan is my happy place.
  • I am passionate about books, sports and learning things.
  • Not (yet) a vegetarian.
  • Love and Honor! Go Blue! (I’m a heart divided).




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