Monthly Archives: July 2013

New Beginnings

ALA was awesome. I should have done a post or 12 about it. I learned a lot, met a lot of people, realized there is SO MUCH for librarians out there and we are doing some really amazing work out there in the world.

In selfish news: I have a job.

I’m a Children’s Librarian! MY DREAM JOB.

It’s an exciting time – but I had to, got to?, move. I’m now a Clevelander.


I’m exactly 3 hours from where I was living in Metro Detroit.

2.5 hours from Ann Arbor.

4 hours from Kalamazoo.

4 hours from Oxford, OH.

and I couldn’t be more excited.

cleveland 3

I’ve been exploring the Cleveland Metroparks during my first week living in Ohio for the second time. It’s gorgeous here. As someone who has moved around for college and work opportunities, I know that it takes time to really acclimate to a place and I know this may not be my “forever” home. But being here, in the Cleveland area, feels like home. I know I could be happy living the rest of my life here and for that I’m grateful that I not only have the job I could be in for good, but a place I could live in for good.


Updates as I can and life as a first – year newbie librarian. ¬†Also, I have no Internet at the moment (issues I won’t get into) so posting is sporadic as usual.

Work starts Monday. Cheers!