Rose Under Fire

Title: Rose Under Fire

Author: Elizabeth Wein

Received from: NetGalley

Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars



Please note: this book was received as an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) through NetGalley. Publication date is set for 10 September 2013 in the USA and 3 June 2013 in the UK.

Review: In this companion novel to Code Name Verity, Wein introduces us to Rose, an American pilot who is captured and sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp where she meets numerous women who will forever change her life. What follows is an intricate tale weaving stories of those who were operated on in the name of medical science, “the Rabbits”, those who guard them and those who finally find freedom. Rose Under Fire is a haunting novel that truly shows the changes so many went through – one day a girl getting her nails painted for her date and the next day trading poetry for cigarettes to bribe prison guards. The book follows through there escape from Ravensbruck and the beginning of the trials that ultimately held many accountable for their actions and the actions of others. This is a must read. Although fiction, it is based on real events with real testimony and the authors’ note at the end works to explain where fact and fiction collide.

Recommended for ages 14 – 18, and anyone who loves historical fiction.



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