Twit, Twit, Twittering

Adventures in twitter land have started.  I have to say I wasn’t sure about Twitter, not because of putting myself out there or anything of that sort because I’m already pretty active on Facebook, but more so because I’ve attempted in the past to create accounts and each time I just “don’t get it”.

Logistically, I understand you get so many characters (what about complete sentences!) and can tweet @ people or join a conversation with a #. But what it means for my life hasn’t quite been figured out yet.  I see high benefits in using it professionally – or at least an organization/business of some kind using it to get the word out about events.  I think I’m having the most trouble trying to decide HOW twitter will be  for me  – will I get multiple accounts?  Will I use it primarily for work/school or as a free for all of whatever?  I think part of why Twitter has never worked for me before is my real life friends aren’t using Twitter.  My real life SI Friends are and for that reason I’ll probably use it more often, but up until this year, all my friends were on Facebook, so I didn’t see the point.  Maybe that’s a hint to me to use it more professionally.

Also, what are the “rules”?  For example, if someone I don’t know requests to follow me, am I supposed to follow them back?  What are the benefits to both if it’s an organization?  I read an article once where the author found a very specific use for Twitter and that was while on vacation.  You follow all sorts of local organizations of where you will be – the library, museum, the downtown association etc. – and you can plan your entire stay just be reading tweets and going to where events are being hosted.  I wish I knew the source of the article to link it but I remember it because it was such a clear way of how I could see myself using twitter.  Especially because I usually go from one end of the spectrum of “must plan everything” to the other where I “just see what happens” when traveling.

I think it is really cool that you can have a conversation with your idols and get some sort of insight into how they are thinking, especially in regards to different libraries doing different things and trying to see how that would fit where I am now.  So far I’ve been reading a lot about how birds are literally tweeting in the sky and it’s a wonderful morning – but I’m sure once the work week picks back up more library related posts will start.  Maybe?  I don’t know!

Say what you will about what it means to like reality television (The Hunger Games anyone? I’ve been obsessed since I just read the books last week!) but this is just another way for people to see into the lives of others.  And I love it.  I don’t watch a lot of reality television (no TV at my house) – but I love reading gossip magazines and seeing inside peoples houses.  I think it’s somewhat natural for humans to be curious about how other humans behave – and for that reason alone I can see myself being sucked into the lives of people I follow in twitter land.

You can follow me @ShooktheLibrary  (I think I did that right?  Or find me through #si643).



5 responses to “Twit, Twit, Twittering

  1. I’ll have to follow you! And North Quad and SI and all of those other twitter accounts that I never paid attention to before now.

    I’m also not sure how I’m going to use Twitter. I know it can (and maybe should) be used for more professional endeavors, but there’s a lot of other people that I want to follow, like John Cleese or USA Hockey. One of the librarians that I follow has a library account and a personal account that is protected. I feel like it would be somewhat annoying at first, but I have no idea.

    • Yeah – I just realized that my tweets were protected so I’m not even sure Kristin has been seeing my tweets…I have no idea how that was set up.

      I probably will end up making more accounts since Twitter does seem to have a more professional undertone to it than Facebook. At least from what I’ve been noticing.

  2. I am in total agreement about being anxious over Twitter etiquette. Some of the professionals I chose to follow for this assignment started to follow me and I wondered, “Is that what’s ‘supposed’ to happen? How am I to know these things?” I wonder if someone’s taken the time to write up a Do’s and Don’ts list of Twitter nicities (I bet someone has) and what we would think about it…

  3. The best thing about twitter is it’s lack of memory — at least for professional purposes. If you decide that you want to make your personal account more professional, over time, your older (and presumably less professional posts) will be deleted.

  4. I agree, I just don’t know how to integrate twitter into my life so it’s not taking yet. But maybe once I’m an intern, the professional reasons will become more clear.

    I enjoyed reading your blog Rebecca!! Best of luck to you!! Love the shook the library concept. I think you should keep going with that….


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