Class Reflection

Honestly, this week’s class I was really feeling the end of the semester burn-out slump.  Just as Kristin said in class, there is that one day where everyone is just showing it all and for me, it really was this day.  Still I think there are a lot of important concepts to keep in mind that came up throughout today’s discussion.

First, I am excited to learn how to use at least one kind of webinar software.  This class will actually be my first experience with webinars – from viewing them to participating in them.  The webinar I viewed for class was somewhat interesting – though I honestly tuned in and out of it and kept going back to see if I missed anything important.  This may or may not have had to do with the fact that I was watching an archived webinar, or if the topic just wasn’t enough to hold my attention – or my expectations.

I think this is also something that is in a way the most terrifying – because when you’re in a room with people you can read it and really get a sense of how things are going.  Also, if you know your subject well enough, you can decide which parts you need to skip, cover, return to based on the room.  A webinar has some of that functionality built in through the chat functions – but I wonder how much easier it is to lose control of the room in this situation.  For example, the comment of “if you have a chance to talk to this famous person, you’re going to do so no matter what is happening” struck me as truth for many people, but I also had a moment of “but that’s rude!” in my thinking.  If everyone was sitting face to face it would be extremely apparent that you are having a conversation while the speaker is presenting – and that would also be considered extremely rude.

Perhaps this is where my lack of expertise/knowledge in webinars is showing itself.  I think the chat functionality will had a lot of rich contexts to the webinars and allows for more learning from more people, so I don’t suggest getting rid of it.  I will just have to start attending more webinars to see it in “real life” and get a sense of it’s full range sof uses.

The discussion on embedded librarianship was also interesting.  I don’t think I realized how many ways librarians can actually show this to their patrons.  It seems like it works in certain situations and not in others – so I’m wondering if that is just the nature of libraries (what works in one doesn’t always take in another b/c of community involvement or whatever) or if there are other ways to have embedded librarians that nobody has thought of yet or tried yet.  I am still trying to think of where I have seen or experienced embedded librarians and can’t seem to pinpoint anything at the moment.  The thing I come up with most is the music library at my undergrad was in the music school building and both librarians desks were right on the first floor – completely open to the library itself – no cubicles or anything.  Literally 2 desks next to the circulation desk, but everything was the same height so you could see everyone.  Anyway, interesting to try to start noticing if/when I’m around it.


4 responses to “Class Reflection

  1. I couldn’t agree more about how much “reading the room” helps me teach better. It *is* a very weird feeling to give a webinar and basically be talking to yourself. That being said, it’s such a great tool for grassroots professional development or online learning!

  2. Sam Roslund

    I completely agree with you about the limitations of the webinar format! I’m excited to do one, but not as excited about viewing four. I agree with Kristin’s (above) comment about it being an important low-budget PD tool, I just wish we could somehow bottle and use whatever it is that makes talking/listening in person so much more engaging.

  3. The whole webinar thing makes me think of how it is an interesting experiment with our biology. I tend to think that our species evolved with 200,000 years of person to person learning- and that’s just the recent evolution. It wasn’t like that much info was transferred via the yodeling technique mountain to mountain- as in training info. So I’m a hard sell. However I’m keen to try it out! And put it on my resume.:)

  4. I’m also a little apprehensive about not being able to get a feel for the room when we’re doing our webinar. I have this terrifying vision of us rambling on to three uninterested classmates, trying desperately to engage them and failing miserably. But we shall prevail! I’m sure things will actually go just fine.


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