Embedded Librarianship


“The embedded librarian will always go to where the users are, even without leaving their cubicle.”

That quote, which is the last sentence of the article, pretty summed up what I was thinking as I read this article.  The concept of an embedded librarian is something that seems to be what I have encountered in my undergraduate life and can see in my graduate life.  In all cases, though, the librarians are making an effort to meet the users where they are, in the best way possible for that particular institution, place and time.

Completely on-line librarians may not be exactly what the user need but a librarian that is always stationed at that particular library might be.  It could be the other way around.  It could be something in the middle.  All of it speaks to understanding the best way to reach users.  This doesn’t mean that they aren’t looking to the future or trying to anticipate where the patrons are heading, but it does mean they are working with them where they are now, which is important.

edited to add: I do like the idea of reaching students/users/patrons outside of the library setting.  Especially when we know that not everyone uses the library or understands it’s value, this is an important piece of out-reach that directly affects the embedded librarian.  (Okay – all librarians).


2 responses to “Embedded Librarianship

  1. I’m reading this the day after class, and it got me thinking: what if we embedded academic librarians from online programs into public libraries where there are high concentrations of college students. Too much? Too wacky?

  2. I feel like there would be a clash between the academic librarians and public librarians in those situations…


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