One-Shot Workshop Reflection

One-shot workshops are over.  😦   I actually was surprised at how much fun I had throughout everyone’s workshops and enjoyed that our group had a variety of topics – and with most I actually learned things I have either been meaning to learn and/or didn’t know I needed to know but know now.  I also have a good amount of ideas to take with me for whenever I am teaching a workshop in a library in the future – things such as wall wisher – which I have enjoyed using in class, could have probably worked well in our workshop instead of paper, though paper worked fine and didn’t seem to have a detriment to our workshop.

I enjoyed the sign making and learning about Google’s privacy statement.  Current events that I have been meaning to read up on, but just haven’t been able to for whatever reason *cough SI500/SI620/SI643/SI580 cough*.  I am looking forward to using what I learned in the future.

On a personal workshop note, I felt that our group did a really good job and the way we planned really helped.  It was suggested to plan out minutes that each thing would take, and although we recognize we’d actually have more time to do things “in real life” this suggestion really helped us with our planning.  Overall, these workshops were an awesome learning experience.


8 responses to “One-Shot Workshop Reflection

  1. Sounds like your band of colleagues had a great time! Congratulations!

  2. What did you do for the sign making? It sounds interesting. =) I also haven’t read Google’s new privacy policy. That’s a workshop I would have liked to have see.

    It sounds like everything went well. =D

    • We were pretending to be librarians that chose to make signs informing our patrons of the publishers inability to cooperate appropriately with libraries on eBook pricing. (Okay that statement is full of my opinion, but…) We should have hung them in the lounge! 🙂

  3. I too got alot out of all our workshops! It sounds like you had really interesting ones to go to. I too would have liked the Google new privacy policy one as I have not looked into that….

    • I believe the people who did the Google privacy group posted a page or link on the class wiki with some of the information they had in their workshop. If not, I can email you my notes from it if you want! Just let me know! 🙂

  4. That’s awesome that you learned so much in your workship group. We had a really great, diverse group as well. I’m jealous about the signage workshop, though. It would have been really interesting to watch!

  5. I agree that the sign-making was a lot of fun! And I felt the exact same way about us using paper – as soon as the other group brought up Wall Wisher, I thought “Why the heck didn’t we think of that?” I do think that our particular workshop went just fine on paper/whiteboard, though, and I’m glad that we did plan things down to the minute, or we probably would have run out of time. Thanks again for being an awesome partner!


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