Class Reflection

Last week’s class was interesting – I enjoyed getting into smaller groups to discuss the ALA Ethics with current marketing strategies and other dilemmas libraries are facing, and maybe more will face in the future.  I was intrigued by all the different ideas our group had around putting ads on the back of check-out slips at public libraries.  Although my initial gut reaction was much like Sam’s, go ahead whatever, I don’t look at them anyway, there was still something not quite right about it either.  I still don’t know if that’s because it violates some moral or ethical dilemma or if it’s just, that hasn’t happened yet – you can’t change things!, type of thinking.

I’m interested to see everybody’s one-shot workshops.  Looking through the list of topics, I kind of wish it was like a conference and you could choose to sit in on whatever workshop you want – although there is the risk of nobody going to one.  I understand completely having set groups for these types of things – it’s just there are so many interesting things going on.  My partner and I were just talking today that it is nice having a partner to go through the steps with this first time but I think it will be much harder when we do it “for real”.  Hopefully wherever we work will have mentors and plenty of observation time, but there is nothing like going out and doing it on your own for the first time.

One of the hardest parts to get used to, for me anyway, will probably be not being able to take as much time to learn where learners are.  For example, in a classroom you can learn on day 1 that Joe and Sue are reading for the next things but Adam and Jenny need some more guidance.  Since it’s a classroom, you have until the next day to change up what you were going to do based on your classes needs.  In these, you have to figure that out quickly, which is the easy part, and then figure out how to engage all of those learners and ensure they learn something from the workshop – especially when you have no idea if they will come back again – or if you will offer a workshop that meets their needs again.  Practice will help, I’m sure.  Hopefully tomorrow goes well!


5 responses to “Class Reflection

  1. It would be neat if the one shot workshops were like a conference and we could pick the ones we were going to go to! There are so many interesting topics afoot…But I agree that this is really about practice so it’s helpful to have an assigned group.

  2. I’ve played with the idea of a one-night conference and even with the idea of bringing in outside guests. But I guess part of me was weighing the familiarity of one’s presentation group for one’s first workshop as beingan important bridge. Hmmm … should momentum build around this issue, I’ll definitely consider it for next year!

    • Don’t get me wrong – there is a very big appeal to the safety that comes from trying it out for the first time in a group of people that you’ve already worked with and have an understanding of their styles. I equate it to there are SO MANY INTERESTING classes at SI that I want to take, but can’t since I don’t have an infinite amount of money (or time) I’m willing to spend at Michigan so I pick and choose. This time, they were just picked and chosen for me. 🙂

  3. Oh, I really like the idea of being able to choose which workshop to go to. There were a lot of other presentations that I would have liked to see, especially the one about joining ALA. I wanted to see how different it was from Keith’s (that was his name, right?) pitch to us during ASB.

    • I thought the exact same thing! Actually at first, I read that I was in the group and had a mental “YES!” moment…and then reality came crashing in and I was NOT in that group…

      Maybe they will share insights on Monday. I still haven’t joined, even though while I was there I had every intention of doing so.


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