Response to Class (before break)

I really appreciated the discussion on what makes a good book club and things to keep in mind when facilitating a book club, especially in a public library.  I would be very interested in finding out how academic libraries in a university setting may be able to offer this service for students.

Sharing time: My favorite icebreaker I have ever participate in is paper telephone: you get a “theme” and everyone starts with a stack of paper with 1 piece of paper per person in the group.  The first person writes a word relating to the theme, flips the stack over and passes left.  The next person looks at the word, puts the word at the bottom of the pile, draws a picture  of the word, flips the stack and passes.  Then the following person has to write the word for the picture and so on until it gets back to the original person and you share the original word and the final word and how they match (or do not match).

Final thoughts r.e. Prensky, spurned from Sam’s blog.  She mentioned that the idea of banning all print forms somehow goes against the American way of thinking and life.  My only thought to that is that IF an institution were to implement something like Prensky suggests, it would also fit into our American way of life to have that.  Technically, each institution can choose how to approach learning and if a university decides to forgo all print materials, that is there prerogative.  I have a choice to work or attend that institution and can decide whether or not I want to based on my personal assumptions of a place that WOULD ban all print forms.  It would definitely form a precedent that I’m not sure our world is ready for, or should even approach, and I might be scared of what one university doing it would mean for all universities, but who knows?  Could be a good experiment!



2 responses to “Response to Class (before break)

  1. Love that icebreaker! Thanks for the idea. I’m going to try and remember that one. Also good for you on for speaking your mind on Prensky. I disagree but I love it when people say what they really think. As for why I disagree, I think it is because although I agree with you that universities are private entities and can set their own rules, at the same time, how we digest information is such a personal experience and gets into private routines. I agree that someone would have the right to not attend that university, but I dislike the idea that the learner is not in charge of playing with material until they feel like they are getting the most out of it and that a university would say that they had the right to limit personal choice…Like if someone wanted to buy a book for difficult material…Well we’ll see if a university takes the bait!

  2. That icebreaker sounds awesome!


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