AGH!  I hate short stories.  Very few, very very few, are actually satisfying to me.  Most of the time I have trouble understanding them because by the time I am beginning to get a sense of who the characters are and what is happening, it ends. Just finished the J.D. Salingers’ piece and it just reminded me of how much I hate short essays/stories.  I did read some context information about the story itself but will be interested to hear how the discussion goes tomorrow.  As it is, although I “followed” the storyline, I’m not sure I get all of the meaning in the story.  Probably worth a re-read and more focused attention.


6 responses to “Bananafish

  1. Golly, does your group have something to look forward to or what???? 🙂

  2. I feel EXACTLY the same way about short stories most of the time. I had to read a bunch of Alice Munro stories for a class a few years ago, and they didn’t leave me so annoyingly unsatisfied as most others, but I still feel like I didn’t really get them. Especially this one.

  3. I will take this as a positive, since you clearly wanted even more of the story.

  4. Short stories always leave me wanting more. I always wish for more detail to the story and for it to longer, especially when I like the idea.

  5. Sorry ladies – I have to completely disagree with you about short stories. When properly executed – they are delicious. Now, consider, too, that they are a TOTALLY separate art form from the novel. The idea is to distill a moment, a thought, an observation, in a clarifying, delicate, and masterful style. No everyone excels at this. I find, often, that many novelists (i.e. Salinger) toted as genuises for their literary successes often think they can be equally successful with the short story. Would they also assume, then, that they would be excellent poets? Or how about screen writers? No! Right? So, with that in mind, I encourage you to seek out those short stories written either by a novelist who’s managed to straddle the gap or a professional short strory writer, so to speak. You enjoy it infinitely more 🙂

  6. I have to agree with Sam on this one. Short stories can be awesome. I think that it takes a talented author to weave these sorts of tales, however!


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