Not Going Away

…reflections on Chapter 6 from the book “How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School” by the National Research Council…

Most of this chapter ended up being a good review for me of concepts I have learned about and attempted to keep in mind while teaching.  It is extremely hard to try to put together a lesson keeping it learner-centered, culturally centered and knowledge based.  My opinion is that the older the students the harder it is simply because they have so many more opportunities to have misunderstood a basic concept or something that was not caught in earlier grades.

I have never created a program or lesson for adults using these concepts and I am not sure how to do so successfully especially in a library program where it is much harder to make connections to the persons’ past experiences as you will more often than not, have no knowledge of their past experiences.  It is possible to create an environment that appreciates mistakes and uses them to help the whole class gain a deeper understanding of the topic.

The most interesting part of this chapter, for me, was that I felt like someone finally recognized that television is here to stay, that it is not going anywhere, children watch television and it might not always be a bad thing.  So many times I read articles about not allowing your child to watch television or you are a horrible parent if you watch this television show over this one.  I liked that this chapter brought up some of the good things children get from the shows on television, such as forming a deeper understanding of children from other cultures and people with disabilities.  I do not think that this is the ONLY way children can become more aware of people different from them aren’t so much different, but I can see how these shows help children who aren’t surrounded by diversity in their community.



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