Information Literacy: Article 2

Citation:  Gilton, D.. “Information Literacy As a Department Store: Applications for Public Teen Librarians. ” Young Adult Library Services  1 Jan. 2008: Research Library, ProQuest. Web.  29 Jan. 2012.

This article takes a very interesting perspective on public teen libraries and their connection not only to teaching information literacy to teens in the public library but also to interact and share the responsibility among academic librarians and school media specialists.  Gilton argues that it is all librarians responsibilities to find ways to work together to better serve teens in the community.

She is careful to say that public libraries should not, and do not, replace school media specialists nor should they do the work for them, but instead, the public librarians should offer their ability for more flexibility (night, weekend and summer hours) to benefit teens.  She points out that doing so, teens may be better prepared to research in an academic library, thus lightening some burden on the academic librariasn shoulders.

One topic I found very interesting were types of classes and research programs she felt teens could benefit from and how to reach them.  Not only could the programs be offered at the public library, but they could also be done by having public libraries who go into schools and help run workshops in their buildings.  She discusses that teachers should more deliberately plan instruction/lessons with the library in mind so that the librarians can help students better search for results.  She offers the idea that public libraries could run workshops such as how to get into college, test taking, etc.  I think this is my favorite concept simply because I have not seen anything like that before and I know schools are strapped to add any “extras” into their budget – such as running classes on college entrance exams.



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