A Rough Sketch

A very quickly thought out example of what the in-library and on-line class offerings could look like:

Class: Facebook How-To

Intro-Class: Done in library, provides instruction on how to access facebook, setting up a user account and password and basic term explanations (“wall”, “newsfeed”, “friending” etc)

On-line Modules: Done at own pace with own resources, or at a library computer.  These modules would include any number of lessons including setting up your profile, adding a profile picture, how to add a friend, how to write on a friends wall, how to browse, how to chat, how to send a private message etc.

In-library Help: Times could be set aside for librarians to offer support if necessary or to answer questions.  This may or may not be necessary and could be done as part of an open-workshop day where students can come in for help on a listed variety of things.  For example, Saturday the 21st would be an open workshop day on Microsoft Word, Excel and using Facebook and Ebay.  Then the librarians know the questions will be on those 4 topics and users can come in to get questions answered in a safe environment.

Advanced-Class: Done in-library this could be a more advanced purpose of facebook – how to network for example.

This system may offer users a more personal option for learning specific programs or websites.  This model could then be replicated for any number of things: software, other websites, video games etc.   It requires some fleshing out of which could be feasibly done and which parts would need work, but it might be a way in which libraries can reach users outside of attending the one class a month model.



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